In 2013 PREDEL OOD started a project, co-financed by a European Program for rural development. The new State-of-the-Art factory, specialized in processing sunflower, was finished and started working in 2014. Since then Predel has continued to invest in new machines and projects to keep up with the latest technologies in the field and increase production capacity and quality. 
Our geographical location, high quality sunflower production and all in-house processing facilities result in an optimized and eco-friendly process, guaranteeing the quality of our products.  



PREDEL is incorporating a brand new State-of-the-Art processing facility for cleaning, calibrating and de-hulling sunflower seeds. The fully automated plant counts with four production lines for a total of 2 tons per hour capacity, and the most modern sorting system to produce to the highest quality standards of the industry. The main lines are Akyurek machines and we have added 2 Cimbria shellers and an additional color-sorter to improve capacity and quality.


By using the latest technology and taking advantage of the good quality sunflower from own production and local suppliers, we are able to guarantee a final product with 99,99% of purity. 


Thanks to highly efficient sorting process, we are able to select the most suitable seeds for each one of our processes.

Those with highest oil content go for in-house production of oil.


The sunflower processing oil is still an ongoing project and production is expected to start in 2017.







PREDEL is developing its new product line of roasted and flavoured sunflower seeds, which will be offered to the local and international consumer market under its own brand.


Our new fully automated roasting and packaging  facility is based on the latest technology and has a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour. Our homogeneous process guarantees the highest product standarts, preserving the seeds' natural nutrients, flavour and aroma. PREDEL is also offering services to other companies looking for roasting facilities. 

How do we do it?

Partner with us:


Predel is looking to establish partnerships with both local and foreign companies in the industry:

  • We are looking to partner with producers of hiqh quality raw sunflower and pumking seeds.

  • We are open to produce and package for your brand.

  • If you are interested in our sunflower products, we invite you to contact us or visit our facilities.